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Working yourself into the ground is like trying to shoot content when your phone has a full memory - you need to take some things away to let the magic happen!

It's taken us 5 years to perfect our systems and processes, and now we're sharing the tools we personally use to make our lives easier (and get better results at the same time).

Tools to work smarter not harder as a social media manager

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Stop second guessing yourself and take a lil' shortcut by copying our homework. See the exact tools we use to work smarter not harder and what we use them for.


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So who are your Biz Cheerleaders?

You may be wondering, ‘how did we get here?’ To recap, let’s flip back to one of Oh my Digital’s first diary entries in 2016. Heart lock open, fluffy pen ready. And Katy, fresh out of a Digital Marketing internship with Hayley. “Dear Diary, today I found the newest full-time team member for Oh my Digital. Wish me luck! Hayley xo”

Spoiler alert: it was a match made in marketing heaven and with 16 years’ combined marketing experience, we’ve never looked back.

But with so many digital marketers in the world, we wondered… what could we add that was different? Helpful? And filled a gap in the market? It hit us like a pack of nerds to the face. Empowering ambitious business owners to understand and nail their digital marketing, that’s what!

A quick slurp of a Pumpkin Spice Latté (with extra cream), and we got to work. We realised we were onto a good thing when the enquiries began flooding in!